Don’t let ‘the big one’ pass you by!

A flurry of YouthQuake 6.02 registrations were received at the territorial headquarters registrar’s office just under the February 15 early bird deadline, accounting for fully one third of the estimated 3,000 delegates to the Congress. However, even as the pre-Quake excitement grows with intensity, so grows the effort to register and secure accommodations for the remaining 2,000 delegates before the May 1 final registration deadline.

“It may seem that there’s still plenty of time to register and make hotel arrangements,” said Major Steve Bradley, Congress coordinator. “But we don’t want anyone to fool themselves into this kind of thinking. We’re convinced that YouthQuake 6.02 will be a once-in-a-lifetime, landmark experience in the lives of every young person who attends.”

Hotel Reservations

Large blocks of rooms have been reserved at four hotels closest to the Long Beach Convention Center (LBCC), site of all the YouthQuake events. All are offering discounted room rates of nearly 50% to those identifying themselves as Salvation Army Congress delegates. However, delegates must make reservations by May 1 or the rooms will be released by the hotels and offered to the public. Congress delegate discounts will not be available after that date. Two of these hotels, the Westin and the Renaissance, both located just across the street from the LBCC, still have significant vacancies available to YouthQuake 6.02 delegates.

KidsQuake and Childcare

Childcare will be provided during regular scheduled Congress meetings for children six weeks to 6 years of age, and for KidsQuake delegates, ages 7-13. Both childcare and KidsQuake delegates must be pre-registered for the Congress. SPECIAL NOTE TO PARENTS: There will NOT be any room for DROP-INS. If you are planning on attending any or all of the events of the weekend, and you are planning to bring your children, each child MUST be registered ahead of time on the official registration form. UNREGISTERED CHILDREN WILL NOT BE PERMITTED INTO CHILDCARE.

Youth Spectacular Registration

Registration is required for all persons planning to attend even one scheduled meeting of the Congress. This means that if a person wishes to attend the Saturday evening Youth Spectacular program (and who wouldn’t!) they need to pre-register for YouthQuake and pay the $10 fee for this one event. Tickets for this event will not be sold at the door! Please note that, while tickets for the Sunday afternoon Commissioning, Ordination and Appointments meeting, and the Monday Officers’ Councils are free, persons planning to attend these meetings must also register for YouthQuake 6.02 prior to the May 1deadline.

Farewell Salutes Scheduled

The Sunday afternoon Commissioning, Ordination and Appointments meeting will also provide an opportunity for the soldiers and friends of the territory to share in farewell salutes to General John and Commissioner Gisèle Gowans, who will be making their final visit to the West as international leaders, and to our retiring territorial leaders Commissioners David and Doreen Edwards. Officers will be given a similar opportunity to express their farewell sentiments during the Officers’ Councils on Monday, June 17.


Everyone who is planning to attend any part of the YouthQuake 6.02 weekend, even if only for Officers’ Councils or Commissioning, must complete and return a registration form by May 1–NO EXCEPTIONS!

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