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Throughout the West, Salvationists put love in action.

by Joann Shade, Major – 

“Everyone suffers at one time or another as they go through life,” my new Christian friend said during lunch. “No one is immune.” She wept as she told of her unmarried daughter, who had chosen to give her newborn daughter up to adoption; the pain was written on her face as she spoke.

As I listened, I recalled The Salvation Army’s ministry to young, pregnant women at the Booth homes of yesterday…and at today’s White Shield centers—homes that provide an oasis of hope and caring during difficult times.

Whether it’s tears of grief over a family situation, a financial loss, or a devastating illness, The Salvation Army reaches out to those who grieve; sensitivity to pain and loss, it seems, is part of the Army’s DNA.

Throughout the Western Territory, countless examples of caring—tangible examples—provide a remarkable glimpse into the heart of the Army’s ministry. A few of those examples are found below.

Annie, an employee at an Army thrift store—and a former prison inmate and meth addict who practiced witchcraft—was brought to a saving knowledge of Christ through the godly example and active caring of the corps officers.

In response to community need, Home League women on the Jaluit Atoll, in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, constructed shelter structures at the outdoor airstrip to provide relief for travelers from the tropical heat and rainstorms.

In Spokane, Wash., the women have connected with mothers in the corps’ transitional living facility. Scrapbooking has provided an opportunity to involve the mothers in corps activities. “Our ministry is not about our own little ‘social club,’” one soldier sai. “It’s about reaching out with the love of Jesus to the hearts and souls of those who are hurting.”

In Tucson, Ariz., Home League women have developed an outreach program that meets twice a week in a local trailer park. There, they teach the women nutrition, cooking, crafts, and provide tips on childrearing. Most importantly, they show them the depth of God’s love. Many families have come to the Lord.

Women were recently honored in the Southwest for selfless giving to others: Socorro Gomez, El Paso Temple, was honored for her unselfish giving in cooking and cleaning bathrooms (17 toilets) for vocational Bible school; Kelly Pennsabe, Tucson Amphi, is a new soldier whose passion is to help women have a better life; and Lidia Montijo, Tucson South, is a godly woman who, in spite of her poor health, motivates women by her willingness and positive attitude in her walk with Christ.

Navy children in Washington state, whose parents are involved in the Middle East conflict, enjoy vacation time at Camp Arnold, thanks to caring Salvationists.

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On the Corner

Ode to joy by Robert Docter, Editor-In-Chief –  I had a wonderful time in

Happy birthday, Home League!

Happy birthday, Home League!

by Patricia Swyers, Commissioner Territorial President, Women’s Ministries

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