Rader Highlights NAOC Impact

General Paul A. Rader


“We value the opportunity of expressing our gratitude to representatives of the great ‘army’ of volunteers serving in Salvation Army advisory organizations across America, as they gather for the National Advisory Organizations Conference in Pasadena, under the theme: ‘Joining Forces!'” stated General Paul A. Rader. “The guidance and support of our advisory organizations is of incalculable value to the Army and its programs. What they bring to our work in local communities cannot be assessed in monetary terms.

“Their interest and enthusiasm for the programs of the Army, their sensitivity and response to crisis needs in their communities, their sage counsel in areas of particular competence, and their advocacy and support of the Army to the communities we serve is of inestimable importance. They strengthen and extend our hands in service and keep us relevant and responsible in pursuit of our mission.

“NAOC ’99 will be an unforgettable experience when we will all have opportunity to feel the pulse of this Army, catch a vision for the future, and dedicate ourselves to joining forces in addressing the painful and perennial needs of our communities.

“The first Advisory Board was formed in Chicago in 1904. The concept began to spread rapidly across the nation, particularly following World War II. After 1960, advisory organizations began to be established in Canada and the UK, eventually taking root in other countries of the Army world. Nowhere is the potential of advisory organizations, including boards, councils, auxiliaries and service units so effectively realized as in the United States. Delegates have been invited from other countries to attend the conference knowing the quality of presentations to be made and the inspiration to be gained by interaction with other volunteers.”

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