Puyallup gets the news out

Salvation Army publications are now available in city newsstands.

Deciding to try a new approach to distributing Army publications New Frontier and War Cry, Majors Premak and Charity Kramerius, corps officers in Puyallup, Wash., received permission from Pierce County Transit to install outdoor newspaper stands at Puyallup’s transit parking lot and bus stop free of charge.

“People in the community have been talking about it,” Premak Kramerius said. “Most did not know we had these publications. In general, the newsstands have been an effective tool to distribute New Frontier and War Cry to people who otherwise would not come into contact with us. Plus, the presence of the rack with the Army shield gives us 24/7 visibility on the street.”

The newsstands offer the publications to more than 300 people every day who use the transit parking lot and bus stop.

“I’m glad the community has constant access to War Cry and New Frontier,” said Nancy Ritchie, Puyallup Corps soldier. “I am grateful that more people will see the content and begin to look forward, like I do, to new issues. In today’s world, when the news is mostly negative, it’s nice to have something uplifting to read.”

The corps plans to expand the project and extend its outreach by purchasing more newsstands.

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