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LAURENCE KALDOR, IRENE LEWIS and actor Peter Falk display awards for a Red Shield PSA directed by Kaldor with a voice over by Falk.

Filmmaker and director Laurence N. Kaldor joined Los Angeles Red Shield Director Irene Lewis in presenting Peter Falk, best known for his television role as “Columbo,” with a Platinum Award from the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival for “best voice over” in a TV commercial.

Falk, who is a loyal donor to the Los Angeles Red Shield Youth Center, agreed to lend his talent and unmistakable voice to the 60-second public service announcement produced by the Red Shield. The PSA—“Thank You”—was written and directed by Laurence Kaldor of Kaldor Productions, who donated his time and effort to complete the project.

Having moved from New York City to Los Angeles, Kaldor found his way to the Red Shield as a volunteer. “I was so moved by the work of the Red Shield,” said Kaldor. “The passion and commitment of staff to provide hope to the children living in a neighborhood besieged with crime and violence was inspiring.”

Working together, Lewis and Kaldor were able to produce the PSA, with the help of many generous supporters, for $500. “Our vision was to produce a PSA that would educate and increase public awareness of the significant work The Salvation Army does with youth throughout the nation,” said Lewis.

The PSA has had good exposure in the Los Angeles area, airing on several television stations, the Staples Center Jumbo-tron during L.A. Kings Hockey, Clippers and Sparks basketball games, as well as the “pre-roll” on 35 screens of the Laemmle Theaters. A 60-second radio spot continues to air on local radio stations.

Popular singer Natalie Merchant allowed the Red Shield to use her stirring song, “Kind and Generous,” adding a message of gratitude to its audience. Kaldor also received a Best Director award from the Chicago Intercom Film Festival for outstanding work for short film/PSA.

For more information or a copy of the PSA, contact Irene Lewis at the Los Angeles Red Shield: 1532 W. 11th St., Los Angeles, CA 90015-2001 or call: 213-381-3747.

About Laurence Kaldor

In Hollywood circles, Laurence N. Kaldor needs no introduction. He’s the young, ambitious, feature filmmaker, who made his directorial debut last year with his first full-length film “Directing Eddie,” a romantic comedy.

At The Salvation Army Los Angeles Red Shield Youth and Community Center, Laurence still needs no introduction. He’s the spunky, kind-hearted guy who directed and produced—pro bono—the 60-second PSA.

Kaldor’s strong desire to give back to the community comes as a direct result of his life experiences. At the age of sixteen, Laurence miraculously survived an airplane crash that dramatically changed his life. His lost his left leg, his right eye and his father, but not his will to live.

Stamina and determination played a paramount role in enduring many years of surgery and rehabilitation. Throughout these excruciating procedures, Laurence realized that life would be most fulfilling if he used his experiences to lead by powerful example.

Inspired by the work of Woody Allen and Neil Simon, who drew upon their own life experiences, Kaldor realized filmmaking would be the most effective medium in which to enlighten people’s awareness, raise people’s consciousness, and communicate positive ideas to a vast audience, leaving the greatest impact.

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