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Major Edwin Henderson, 88, was promoted to Glory May 8 from Laguna Woods, Calif.

Edwin (Ed) Elmer Henderson was born Sept. 2, 1924, to Bessie and Elmer Henderson, in Warren, Ohio. At just 10 years old, he started collecting money for The Salvation Army.

Henderson entered the Navy in 1942 and spent four years on a ship fighting in the Pacific during World War II.

In 1946 he entered The Salvation Army Training College in San Francisco, where he met his future wife, Eleanor Foubister. They were commissioned in 1947 with the Warriors Session and married in 1949.

Ed Henderson was appointed assistant to the San Francisco Citadel Corps; later appointments took him to the Fillmore (Calif.) Corps and to the San Diego Temple Corps.

As a couple, the Hendersons served in several corps: San Diego Temple, Riverside and Richmond, Calif.; and Tucson, Ariz. They also served at Territorial Headquarters in the Service Extension department, and in the youth department at Northwest and Southern California divisional headquarters.  In addition, they were stationed at the Van Nuys Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC).

In 1989, the Hendersons retired from the ARC in Anaheim, Calif.

Henderson is survived by his children: Sandra Craft, Jon Henderson and Ed Henderson, and his grandchildren. Major Eleanor Henderson was promoted to Glory in 2011.

Commissioner Joe Noland officiated at a memorial service at the Tustin Ranch (Calif.) Corps on June 2.


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