Crest for Promoted to Glory

‘Soldier of Christ – Well Done!’

Crest for Promoted to Glory

Mrs. Brigadier Ione Metcalfe
(R) was promoted to Glory recently from the High Street House, a long term care facility in Denver, Colo.

Ione Spencer was born in 1907 in Middletown, Ohio. She attended the Army as a teenager, entered the Training College, and was commissioned with the rank of probationary lieutenant in 1927 with the Fidelity Session. Ione served as a single officer with various appointments in the Eastern territory until her marriage to Captain Oscar Metcalfe in 1933.

Transferring to the Western Territory, they served in the Intermountain Division. After retirement in 1963 they continued to work at divisional headquarters. Brigadier was always concerned about the Denver Citadel Corps and the people who came there for help. Often, she would meet the material needs of the corps as well, when something was needed.

As the Home League treasurer she worked an outstanding ministry for 20 years until illness forced her to retire. A concerned soldier, she was also an avid prayer warrior and would uphold the officers, soldiers and newcomers in prayer at all times. Her love for the self-denial program was special. She gave year-round to meet the corps goal, and often would send personal gifts to those serving on the mission field.

Ione remained faithful to her calling and continued her service to the Lord to the end. Her Christian example proved she was a person of sterling quality in every aspect of fellowship.

A memorial service was held at the Denver Citadel Corps with Lt. Colonel Harold Brodin officiating.

Brigadier is survived by her son, Arthur, of Jonesboro, Ga., and grandson, Theodore Metcalfe, of Colorado. Messages of sympathy may be sent to Art Metcalfe at P.O. Box 703, Jonesboro GA 30237.

Soldiers Promoted to Glory

Vedna Jensen
Tustin Ranch soldier Vedna Jensen was recent-ly promoted to Glory at the age of 102. Born in 1897, she and her husband Nels were active soldiers at the Portland Citadel Corps. Vedna served as Divisional Missing Persons Director and was named Western “Woman of the Year” for her services. She also was a key figure at Trestle Glen Camp. She responded to the call to serve as a member of the Army’s disaster relief team to Seward, Alaska, following the 1964 earthquake. After 84 years in Portland, she moved to Santa Ana to be near her children. She leaves one daughter, Lt. Colonel Bennetta Rody (R), six grandchildren, 12 “greats” and five “great-greats.” She will be missed, too, by a host of friends and admirers.

George Johnstone
George Johnstone, former officer and a long-time soldier at the Pasadena Tabernacle Corps, was promoted to Glory recently from his home in West Covina, Calif., after a lengthy illness. He is survived by his wife, Lorraine; daughter ,Linda; and three sons: George, Randy and Rickey. Condolences may be sent to Mrs. Lorraine Johnstone at 1322 Randall Way, West Covina CA 91790.

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