Crest for Promoted to Glory

‘Soldier of Christ – Well Done!’

Crest for Promoted to Glory


Major Jack Brown (R)
was promoted to Glory recently on his 81st birthday. At the time he was a patient at the John Douglas French Center for Alzheimer’s Disease in Los Alamitos, Calif.

Jack was born in Oilton, Okla., in 1918. When the family moved west they attended the La Grande Corps in Oregon and Jack was enrolled with them as a soldier. He entered the Training College from La Grande and was commissioned in 1936 as part of the World For God Session. His first appointment was to Santa Barbara, Calif., as the corps assistant. He served various corps in the Cascade Division until 1939, when he moved to Anacortes, Wash., and then to Seattle White Center.

Jack served in East Africa and Europe with the Air Corps. When his plane went down in the Mediterranean Sea, he was in the water for 24 hours. At that time he made a promise that if rescued he would serve his Master to the end.

Jack met and fell in love with First Lieutenant Dorothy Grable in La Grande. Soon after their marriage in 1956 they were reinstated and appointed as corps offices to Kalispell, Montana; then to Bellingham, Wash. The Browns served on staff in three divisions, and in 1972 they became part of the territorial headquarters staff. His appointments at THQ were Assistant Territorial Auditor, Assistant Property Secretary, and Legal Secretary.

After retirement in January 1983 he continued in post-retirement, serving in the Property Department for 13 years. He leaves his wife of 42 years. Daughter Pamela predeceased him in 1992.

A memorial service was held at the Long Beach Corps, led by Major James Hood, corps officer. Messages of sympathy may be sent to Major Dorothy Brown at 3595 Santa Fe Ave. #292, Long Beach CA 90810.

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