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‘Soldier of Christ – Well Done!’
Crest for Promoted to Glory

Major Roger Malmberg (R) was promoted to Glory from a hospital in Bellingham, Wash., two weeks after suffering an apparent aneurysm.

Roger was born in 1924, in St. Paul, Minn., to Swedish immigrant parents. A first generation Salvationist, he was enrolled as a junior soldier in 1931 and senior soldier in 1938 at the St. Paul Temple Corps. Before answering the call to officership, Roger served in the U.S. Air Force in the 426th Chinese American Composite Wing as a radio operator and cryptographer.

Commissioned in 1948 as part of the King’s Messengers Session, he was sent to assist in Boone, Iowa. Within two weeks, the corps officer farewelled and Lt. Malmberg was left in charge.

After one year at the Superior, Wisc., Scandinavian Corps, he married Captain Svea Nelson. While stationed in Des Moines, triplet boys were born, of whom two survived. After the loss of a premature infant daughter, they were sent to Duluth, Minn., in charge of the West Side Corps; then to other corps appointments.

After some years, the Malmbergs transferred to the Western Territory, the first appointment being Missoula, Mont. Several corps appointments were followed by duty as territorial evangelists in 1976.

Their last active appointment was as Northwest Divisional Evangelists in 1976, followed by retirement in 1989. Throughout his retirement, Major Malmberg has been an active and faithful soldier of the Bellingham Corps. His example of Christian love and service will long be remembered by all who knew him.

Major Harold Brodin officiated at the Memorial Service, and Colonel Robert Tobin brought the message. A private interment followed.

He is survived by his beloved wife, Svea; his sons, Roger and Roland; and four grandchildren. Messages of sympathy may be addressed to Major Svea Malmberg (R), 2523 MacKenzie Rd., Bellingham WA 98226-9204.

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