Promoted to Glory

Mrs. Major Annabelle Berry
was peacefully promoted to Glory on October 19, 2001 from The Poplar Living Center Nursing Home in Casper, Wyoming.

Annabelle Carter was born November 23, 1914 in Hugo, Oklahoma. She entered the School for Officers’ Training in 1935 from Santa Ana, CA. In 1936 she married Captain James Berry.

James and Annabelle were re-accepted as officers in 1941 and were appointed corps officers of Oregon City, Oregon. During WWII, they served in Pendleton, OR, and established a good reputation for service primarily to the military. At this time the Berrys organized and operated doughnut “huts” at railroad stations located in Pendleton, La Grande and Huntington, OR.

In June 1945, they were appointed to Cheyenne, WY, and a year later to Compton, CA. This assignment led to their becoming the Service Extension Representatives for the Southern California Division. Shortly thereafter the Berrys returned to corps work when they became the officers of the Whittier Corps.

Both James and Annabelle expressed the pioneer spirit of the Army in their last appointment at Butte, Montana. Daily prayer sessions with waitresses in a local restaurant typify the ministry of these officers who were well known and loved by the people of Butte.

The Berrys retired from active service in 1979.

The service of remembrance was held at Bustard’s Funeral Home in Casper, Wyoming. Former corps officer Captain Richard Fisher officiated, assisted by corps officer Captain Keith Bottjen.

Annabelle leaves behind her husband, Major James Berry and their son, Mr. James L. Berry, Jr. Messages of condolence may be sent in care of Mr. Jim Berry, 2145 Frances, Casper, WY 82601.

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