Proclaimers welcomed in Pasadena

On Sept. 10, 61 cadets of the Proclaimers of the Resurrection session were officially welcomed into officer training in the Western Territory. Over the next two years, these individuals will study and train to become Salvation Army officers in communities across the West.

After taking the stage, the Proclaimers in mass announced what they once were…elementary teacher, convict, accountant, addict, Starbucks barista, cheerleader, EMT…but now, as each one declared…”I am a Proclaimer of the Resurrection.”

The cadets sang, testified and were officially received and prayed for by the college and territorial leadership.

Commissioner James Knaggs and Majors Timothy and Cynthia Foley accepted the new session flag. “Knowing that so many people have been working diligently with and praying for these new cadets, we are grateful,” Knaggs said. “I pass this flag and this class to the training college leaders and entrust them to you.”

Colonels David and Sharron Hudson were installed as chief secretary and territorial secretary for women’s ministries, respectively. “I always feel young when I’m with cadets,” Colonel David Hudson said in his message. “I was so young when I entered training but I knew that was where God wanted me to be. In fact, Scripture is clear that everyone – officer and non-officer – is called by God.”

The Territorial Youth Band led the event’s music, directed by Richard Opina.

Also this evening, Commissioner Knaggs, in Steve Jobs-esque style, announced The Salvation Army’s first Internet tv station, SAVN.TV, which launched today. “It’s our contemporary street corner to get people saved,” Knaggs said. “We in the West can’t wait to see how many people will be drawn to Jesus with this new medium.

“2.1 billion people go on the Internet,” Knaggs said. “They’re only a click away from the love of Jesus.”

Look for full coverage of the event in the upcoming issue of New Frontier.

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