Preparing for Christmas

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by Robert Docter –

A kettle kick-off event in Portland, Ore., is a family affair.


Before you get too involved with all of the many “activities” of Christmas those many things to do that can turn this important holiday into demanding drudge, stressful strife, and rigorous responsibility just stop and take another glimpse at the big picture.

This celebration can be exhausting. It can also be refreshing, renewing, restoring.

You define the holiday. You give it meaning.

The first step in preparing for Christmas requires us to prepare our hearts for the arrival of God in the person of the Christ child.

Here are some suggestions.

First , do a little reading in scripture. Start with the servant chapters in Isaiah, written 700 or so years before the birth of Jesus. Read the Gospel of John especially the first chapter. Explore scripture and find out how Jesus dealt with temptation, with serving, with the process of healing, with matters of social and economic justice. Examine in your own life your acceptance of Jesus’ predominant theme his law of Love and recognize that it also involves people who are different from you.

Second, talk to him and praise his presence. Thank him for his availability and his compassion.
Explore those areas of your life where you sense distance from him. Be contrite and ask forgiveness even on a daily basis. He will.

Then be ready for him to talk back and bring to your attention those you need to forgive and seek forgiveness from right here on earth.

Now welcome him into your heart and find the joy of Christmas in generous love for mankind.

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