Preaching Seminar Slated

March of Witness

MARCH OF WITNESS–Stretching out over four city blocks,participants marched to Portsmith Square, where 750 heard the gospel message.

Sue Schuman

The Western Territory Preaching Seminar, scheduled for October 7-11, promises to be a time of rich blessing and inspiration for Western Territory officers.

One of Christendom’s best known and finest teachers of homiletics, Dr. Don Demaray, will be a principal instructor. The Senior Beeson Professor of Biblical Preaching at Asbury Theological Seminary, he has written some 30 books, which have been translated into a variety of languages. His books and articles have an estimated worldwide circulation of over 4,500,000 and he has preached and taught around the world. His emphasis at the seminar will be on the practical application of preaching techniques.

Don Boyd, professor of preaching and worship at Asbury, will also be a principal instructor. Boyd brings to the seminar a strong emphasis on the understanding and the leadership of worship. He served in pastoral ministries in Wesleyan and United Methodist churches for 28 years and was book review editor (in worship) for Pulpit Digest and a critic in the UNC Circuit Rider Sermon Series II. His insightful instruction concerning church worship is a highlight of the seminar.

Major (Dr.) Craig Madsen will instruct on “The Preacher as Herald, Prophet, Discipler and Steward.” Major (Dr.) Dale Hill will discuss Salvation Army worship and preaching distinctives, among which are salvation, holiness, Christian compassion, action orientation, invitation and altar calls, and women in ministry.

The preaching seminar will carry the emphasis of People Count! and be dedicated to the memory of, and held in honor of, Major William Pickup, whose proclamational spirit and inspirational instruction has been a benediction and blessing to the delegates of all eight previously conducted preaching seminars.

The practical ministry design requires a limitation of officer delegates, but there is still opportunity for officers to enroll by expressing their interest to their divisional commander/command head.

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