Popular Songster Leader Relinquishes Commission; Hunt Named Successor

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NEW SONG–Songster Leader Bill Flinn is relinquishing his commission at
Pasadena Tab to pursue graduate studies.


One of the Salvation Army’s most creative, energetic and innovative music leaders has relinquished his commission as Pasadena Tabernacle Corps Songster Leader in order to pursue graduate studies in Business Management.

Upon the recommendation of the Songster board, the corps census board endorsed the appointment of Songster Martin Hunt as the new Songster Leader to Majors Chick and Margaret Yuill and, through them, to the divisional commander, Lt. Col. Alfred Van Cleef. All concurred in this decision.

As the chief operating officer of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses, Flinn is highly visible in the Southern California community and its media. This position requires him to serve as spokesperson for the organization on many occasions and to participate in contractual relationships with the media and other vendors on matters pertaining to the annual Tournament of Roses Parade and the Rose Bowl football game both held on January 1 each year.

Flinn has led the Tabernacle Songsters for the past 22 years and has seen the group grow from 17 members when he assumed leadership to more than 60, with several applicants still on a waiting list. He intends to stay active in the corps program in duties which do not conflict with his academic program. Flinn’s academic program requires him to be on campus for the next two years on the evening of songster rehearsal.

“I have been the recipient of so many meaningful experiences as a Salvationist,” Flinn said. “I thank God for allowing me to serve him through The Salvation Army. When I think of what the Army is all about, I think of the individuals all around this world who have knowingly or unknowingly contributed to my spiritual journey. I’m grateful to each one.

“I look forward to the future and the new doors the Lord will open for me to serve him.”

Songster Leader Martin Hunt

Most recently, they were a featured group in the Royal Albert Hall in London on the occasion of the Songster Festival celebrating 100 years of choral and songster music in the Army. In all, the group has accepted out-of-territory engagements six times. Expenses for the trips have been borne by the membership and the sale of CDs and tapes of their musical items. With Flinn, the Songsters have produced five recordings, all of which have received high acclaim and excellent sales.

Martin Hunt, who immigrated from the United Kingdom in 1994, was educated in music at City University, London, and is an accomplished cornet soloist and pianist. He has led the Tabernacle Singing Company for the past four years with excellent results.

In hearing about the results of the deliberation he stated: “As the Pasadena Tabernacle Songsters commence a new phase in its history, it is my prayer that we will keep our focus clearly on our mission to communicate God’s word through music.”

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