Pomona sets goal to grow biblically savvy in 2006

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Reading program takes corps through the Bible in one year.

by Jennifer Perine, Captain – 

A new year brings with it new resolutions—and 2006 is no different. Or is it? This year, the Pomona Corps, Calif., resolves to do the same thing it did last year, at least in one aspect.
In January 2005 Captain Ken Perine challenged the congregation to read the Bible in a year. This year the challenge (resolution) remains the same. The weekly Bible reading plan is published in the Sunday bulletin—three to four chapters each night—for the congregation to follow along. It begins in Genesis and goes straight through the Bible, taking one year to get through Revelation. Perine then draws from each week’s text for his Sunday sermons.

As any soldier or attendee of the corps can tell you, the captain’s goal for the congregation is to make them “the most Biblically literate people in the Pomona Valley.” And it’s working. People young and old are reading the Bible. Some made it entirely through the Bible last year; others may have read portions. But all agree they read they read the Bible more in 2005 than any previous year. Seven-year-old Carrie Sparrow reported to her mother that “her day goes much better when we do our Bible reading in the morning.”

Perine is keenly aware that the people walking through our doors each day may have little or no knowledge of the Bible. In addition to his challenge to read the Bible he also offers incentives for the young people. Junior and senior high school students who are new to the corps have the opportunity to earn a brand new NIV Student Bible simply by attending church four consecutive Sundays. In 2005 Perine gave away a dozen Bibles in this fashion.

Additionally, any young person under the age of 18 can earn a $15.00 gift certificate to Family Christian Store by reciting the books of the Bible to captain on two consecutive Sundays, telling him how many books are in the Bible, and how many authors wrote the Bible. There is fierce, but friendly competition among the young people to learn the books of the Bible

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