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2002 SERVICE CORPS team members gather prior to embarking on their short-term mission adventures. Applications are now being accepted for 2003 Service Corps teams.


An incredible summer of excitement, fun, travel and ministry is just around the corner! Plans are well underway for the 2003 Summer Service Corps program.

If you are not familiar with Service Corps, it is a short-term summer mission program that provides Salvationist young adults (ages 18+) with an opportunity for sacrificial Christian service in and out of the Western Territory. The intent of the program is for evangelism and service to those whom the youth visit. This could be as varied as leading worship services; vacation Bible schools; preaching; teaching; working in a village; conducting youth and adult outreach activities; helping at a children’s home; taking on a maintenance project. The needs of the people being served will set the agenda.

Although the exact locations where teams will serve has not been finalized, teams in recent years have served in Malawi, Germany, Estonia, Mexico, Russia, Dominican Republic, and The Marshall and Pacific Islands.

A summer of Service Corps really impacts and changes your life. I can attest to that after participating in Service Corps back in the early 80s. It takes you out of your “comfort zone” and challenges you to grow, especially in your spiritual life. God truly reveals himself in new ways and you gain a larger vision of his work and ministry. While that is going on, you get the opportunity to see and experience a different part of the world ­ it really is an awesome experience!

So if you are looking for something meaningful to do this summer, check out the Service Corps. See your DYS for an application today!



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