Phoenix Recovery Center Offers Total Program

Harbor Light

The Salvation Army Recovery Center, Phoenix, better known as Harbor Light, is “home” to the people who reside in the coed facility. The program is a place of “new beginnings,” where chemically dependent individuals come to rebuild their lives. Most of those who come through the doors are broken emotionally, spiritually and physically and find here a safe, clean and sober environment in which they can be restored to physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. In addition to intense therapy, the program provides a sense of comfort, responsibility and pride.

The treatment program consists of being educated in the disease concept of addiction, relapse prevention, the AA fellowship, and the 12-step guidelines. Personal counseling, process and peer groups deal with denial, anger management, attitudes; and how to change. Issues of childhood sexual abuse, trauma and grief are addressed in the healing environment of specified group dynamics.

Located in central Phoenix, the building has a 70 bed capacity, averaging 40 men and 30 women on a daily basis. During 1996, 553 men and 372 women were admitted to the program. High on the priority list are the pregnant women who want to be off drugs and alcohol. Six well babies were born in the program. In November 1996, a state licensed child care was opened which provides a structured, nurturing environment for 32 children infant to six years of age. Parents in residence, responsible mother or father, can now go through treatment while their child is cared for professionally.

Data and statistics tell the story of a program. The real power, however, is found in the changed lives of the men and women who have found recovery and responded to the message motivated by the love of God.

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