‘People Count’ in the West


Website reveals ministry stories and statistics from the entire Western Territory.

Each week, ministry leaders across the Western Territory use a simple web application to submit basic data about the past week’s activities, including people saved, new members, people served, and decisions made. Leaders may also include any interesting or inspiring event.

Up to now, Territorial Headquarters (THQ) collected the data, and Territorial Commander Commissioner James Knaggs discussed it in a weekly video. THQ now shares these stories in real time at

“It’s a great opportunity for us to capture a glimpse of what is happening in the field, and maybe take a moment to send a note of affirmation,” said Martin Hunt, assistant secretary for program.

The website allows visitors to select which locations they wish to see and for which week. Visitors can also email the writer of the story by clicking on the email button, which automatically opens the email, addresses it, and places the story in the body of the email. You can also forward a story or share it on Facebook.

The graphs track data for each category, and display statistics for all divisions combined, specific divisions or individual units, allowing Salvationists to see their corps’ or unit’s strengths and areas of opportunity.

Chief Secretary Colonel Dave Hudson recorded a recent video message for the site. In it, he said: “The Salvation Army doesn’t change anybody. God does the changing. We set the table. We lay it out and create an atmosphere where God can speak to an individual. Then what God does in that individual’s life is between God and them. Our job is just keep setting the table.”

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