Pasadena Tabernacle celebrates Year of Child

In keeping with the Army’s focus on youth in 2005, the Pasadena Tabernacle corps, Calif., held its 5th Annual Youth Music Weekend, June 4-5, climaxed by a concert attended by nearly 500 people, many from the community.

The festival included performances by the Youth Chorus and Tabernacle Children’s Chorus led by Barbara Allen; the Singing Company led by Thandiwe Gregory; the Youth Band led by Duncan Sutton; the Junior Band led by Richie Opina; and the Junior Timbrels led by Leslie Dock.

Special guest musicians for the weekend were Andrew and Fiona Baker of the Montclair Corps, New Jersey. The recipient of the Russ Prince Award for Excellence in Gospel Arts was Sarai Henry-John. The various youth music programs are organized to feed into one another and ultimately, to senior music sections, and are all led and supported by lay soldiers of the corps.

The corps officers are Captains Edward and Shelley Hill.

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