Partners in compassion

by Ted Horwood, Captain – 

This week, Laura Robinson, recently back from two years in Africa, will be attending the first Youth Capacity Development Global Meeting, coordinated by IHQ. She reports, “This is the first meeting of its kind to bring young people together to discuss meaningful ways of building capacity in younger leaders, and to explore community-based ministries.” Currently, unique expressions of community ministries are taking place throughout the world; Laura says that “learning from one another, and finding practical ways to integrate new ministry ideas into our corps is the objective of the conference.”

John Berglund, a THQ consultant for emergency disaster training, recently returned from two months in Iraq. He reports that, “The Army plays a very significant liaison role between the Coalition Provisional Authority and the people of the city of Al-Almarah—and we have a sizable presence in the British military.” At any one time between 30 to 35 projects are being developed, everything from renovation of schools to renovation of leprosy clinics.

Western Territorial officers Majors Ted and Rosalyn Mahr returned to India this week after a three-month furlough. The Mahrs have been in India for 25 years, and are the only non-Indian Salvation Army personnel allowed to continue work in the country.

Captains Ian and Isobel Robinson have received approval for an appointment in Singapore. They will be executive directors of the Peacehaven Nursing Home, a residential hospital for over 300 elderly patients. The Singapore Territory includes Malaysia and Myanmar (formerly Burma).

TEAM Discipleship “trains the trainers”

TEAM Discipleship “trains the trainers”

by Karen Pennington – SARAH BENTLEY (l) EVALUATES the benefits and

Amazing things are happening in Compton

Amazing things are happening in Compton

  A PUPPET SHOW was enjoyed by all during the Compton Corps’ outdoor

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