Partners in compassion

by Ted Horwood, Captain – 

For the second year, the officers of the Northwest Division have taken a love offering for an Army program.

This year, $2,312 was raised, which will allow five former commercial sex workers to enter a training program in Bangladesh. The Sally Ann Knitting Factory program trains women in both knitting skills and literacy, then places them in the huge textile industry.

The division learned of the program from Lt. Colonels Daniel and Helen Starrett, who are working to promote industry in 16 countries.

The Starretts are assisting Major Wes Sundin in Estonia and Major Doug Danielson in Costa Rica in developing thrift stores. They are also working with Major Kelly Pontsler, who is undersecretary for Southern Europe and the Army’s representative to the European Recycling Network.

Col. Chimanbhai Waghela, India Southwest territorial commander, wrote the Western Territory to thank us for supporting them through the efforts of Dick Davenport from the Tustin Ranch Corps. All the India territories were represented at a series three Property Technical Assistance workshop. Davenport and the corps have had an on-going relationship with India territories since 1996.

On November 30, General John Larsson is requesting a day of prayer for the Army ministries and country leaders of Africa. HIV/AIDS is devastating the countries in apocalyptic proportions. Both Major Linda Manhardt and Laura Robinson experience the impact of AIDS on their ministries. Laura works with an Africa regional team providing program and policy support to all levels of Army structures to strengthen the Army’s assistance to those infected and affected by the pandemic.

Manhardt is also engaged in preparations for the 70th anniversary of the Tanzania Command. Events will be held on Nov. 22-30.

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