Parents Say ‘Thanks’

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“When my son Andrew began going to rehearsals for this year’s musical presentation at The Salvation Army, I questioned him as to where he was going. It was taking up quite a bit of his time, and I wondered whether that was a good idea.
“He explained to me that he was again involved in a musical at The Salvation Army. I quit worrying. I remembered from last year what was involved and knew that he would be fine For one thing, I knew that he was not out getting into trouble…It is very rewarding to see what young people can do, given half a chance….I want to thank you very much for giving my son an opportunity to participate, for providing him the chance to work hard and play hard at this form of self-expression.”
Mary H. Wood
Las Vegas, NM
“This letter is to thank you and let you know how much Tekla has gotten from the Salvation Army corps under your supervision over the last two years or so.
“A large part of what Tekla has gained during this time, from her involvement with the various programs you have offered, is friendship and a sense of belonging. The corps has served as a social base for her, keeping her involved and active in many wholesome activities…I know she is in good hands, physically, socially, and spiritually…She has enjoyed and benefited from the social service activities she has been involved in., From bell-ringing at Christmas time to helping out with the state mental hospital activities, she has had a chance to feel useful to others…She has grown personally while participating in your religious activities.”
Ishwari Sollohub
Las Vegas, NM
“We so enjoyed the show your wonderful young people put on. All their hard work and talent were much evidenced. With all the negative and distressing discussion in the news lately about teenagers, it was uplifting and reassuring to share their efforts.”
Janet Schwandt
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