Paper gets extreme makeover

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New Frontier is redesigned for today’s reader.


We’ve all seen them—those home remodeling shows where a worthy family receives a home makeover. The family is surprised and told of their windfall and sent away for a week. Many times the home is unrecognizable upon their return—but so much better than when they left. Amenities sparkle and new features seem to be tailor-made for the family.

Be sure to pick up a print copy of New Frontier. When you do, you may feel a bit of what those families feel as you hold your copy of the paper. You may not have recognized it at first. You may be a little disoriented. But take heart, this is still your old friend, the publication you’ve read and relied on. It’s just received a fresh coat of paint and new fixtures.

We wanted to do something special for you, our readers—an extreme makeover of sorts. Everything we did, we did with you in mind. We reorganized things, added handy features and gave the whole paper an updated look. The goal was to make New Frontier easier to use and more enjoyable to read.

Take a look around. Allow yourself to experience the new format and, by all means, let us know what you think.


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