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West’s women’s ministries leaders examine their role.

Delegates to the Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretaries Conference gather at Crestmont. [Photo by Eric Rudd]

A number of Western Territorial women leaders recently convened at territorial headquarters in Long Beach, Calif., for the Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretaries Conference and held a seminar for cadets at Crestmont College.

A snapshot session
The seminar—themed “Wow, Picture This”—was led by Territorial President of Women’s Ministries Commissioner Pat Swyers, Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries Colonel Susan Harfoot and Assistant Territorial Women’s Ministries Secretary Major Mariam Rudd.

In the keynote session, Swyers challenged cadets to consider the “big picture” and the opportunities waiting to be captured in ministering to women and their families. Workshop titles, based on the book I Married Adventure by Luci Swindoll, encouraged participants to “capture the moment,” have a “panoramic view,” and “look through the lens of possibilities” as they focus in on their future ministry.

Hebrews 12:1-2 reminded attendees to “fix their eyes on Jesus” and concentrate on Christ-centered programming as the key to effective kingdom building. Cadets received practical examples to take to their first appointments.

The instructional team also included the divisional women’s ministries secretaries and two assistants from the West’s 10 divisions, three divisional directors of women’s ministries—Lt. Colonel Rose-Marie Leslie, Lt. Colonel Rhode Danielson and Lt. Colonel Shawn Posillico—and Major Linda Madsen, Long Beach corps officer.

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During the one-day event, the women celebrated the accomplishments of the territory’s women’s ministries World Services giving, which supported a territorial project for an educational endowment in Kenya East as well as the record number of women won to the Lord in 2008.

In the concluding session, “Now Aim, Focus, Shoot and Capture the Perfect Picture,” leaders stressed that ministry is relational and effective only when we model Christ, our perfect example.

In addition, the West’s divisional women’s ministries secretaries held a one-day “Shaped to Serve” meeting at THQ. These women officers, who are responsible for resourcing, programming and encouraging field officers as they lead local corps women’s groups, examined the leadership role presented in Joshua 1 and considered their own model of leadership.

From reports submitted by Colonel Susan Harfoot and Major Mariam Rudd

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