Officers meet in Wyoming

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Almost 100 Salvation Army officers from four western states assembled in Cheyenne, Wyo., for fall officers councils in the Intermountain Division. “For Thy Mission Make Me Holy” was the theme for the meetings led by Divisional Commander Lt. Colonel Harold Brodin with special guests, Commissioners Ronald G. and Pauline Irwin (R).

Now retired and living in western Florida, Irwin is widely known for his teaching on holiness. He spoke deliberately and expounded clearly the importance of a pure heart as the universal evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit. “Too many Christians, even officers, place too much emphasis on special gifts instead of on special cleansing as proof of the spirit-filled life,” he said.

Brodin reinforced the Commissioner’s teaching on the subject of purity and holiness during a session discussing principles of abundant life and effective ministry. “Officers must have a unique impact on the world around them which requires credibility, reputation, and respect,” declared Brodin.

On Thursday evening Irwin led a time of commitment, with several officers responding in prayer and dedication. The councils ended Friday morning with breakfast and devotions. Officers journeyed home from Cheyenne to their corps as far away as Butte, Montana, and the Salt Lake Basin.

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