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Lt. Colonels Raymond and Carolyn Peacock

by Raymond and Carolyn Peacock, Lt. Colonels –

Lt. Colonels Carolyn and Raymond Peacock

Lt. Colonel Raymond Peacock:
God called me to officership as a young teenager at Intermountain youth councils. Born into The Salvation Army as a child of active and committed lay leaders, I was always active in the programs at the Denver Citadel Corps. God called me while serving as a leader in YPL ad Sunday school.

My second calling came when we were stationed at the Kauluwela Corps in Honolulu, Hawaii. God then called me to be a social worker within The Salvation Army. Obtaining a degree in social work helped bridge the corps and community.

At that time we began three new programs: a day care center for children, a day care center for mildly emotionally disturbed children and a senior day care.

From Hawaii we were sent to the Phoenix Harbor Light and social services, then on to divisional youth secretary, and territorial social services secretary. In each appointment I have used the education and skills from my social work training. God took what I had and used it in so many different assignments and appointments

My calling into officership has also fulfilled a family tradition. I am a fourth generation Salvationist. For the last 100 years there has been a Peacock at the Denver Citadel Corps. Through the years they served in many capacities. As we begin our retirement we will also be attending the Denver Citadel Corps. May God count me faithful as I continue to serve him.

Lt. Colonel Carolyn Peacock:
God called me at an early age. In fact I remember the first time I verbalized that I was called as an officer was at the age of nine when a soldier of the corps asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I immediately responded, “a Salvation Army officer.” I don’t think she believed me. She told me it was a lot of hard work and long hours and asked if I was sure. “But if that is what God tells you to do you must do it,” I answered.

From our earliest appointment to the present I have been given the opportunity to practice the ministry of hospitality. I do not mind serving a cup of coffee, a cup of cold water or making a welcome basket. It is a way of saying, “I value you, and I want to honor you.”

I’ve also learned providing enthusiasm is better than sacrificing. While serving in the Sierra del Mar Division, I was enthusiastic about an institute I had planned for league of mercy. If I had not been convinced in my own heart and mind about the value of that institute I would have failed. But I was enthusiastic and convinced that the model would work, and it did!

Officership to me has fulfilled a life calling that has taken me on journeys I never expected, to work with people I probably would have never met, to places I never would have dreamed. I am grateful God called me, and I am grateful that I answered.

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