Officer Reflections

Lt. Colonels Don and Janis Mowery

by Don and Janis Mowery, Lt. Colonels –

Lt. Colonels Janis and Don Mowery

As we reflect on our combined 80 years of Salvation Army ministry as officers, we stand in awe of the opportunities we have had. What a privilege that God has allowed us to serve him in this way.

We thank God for the ministry opportunities he has given us and the people he has put into our lives that have made such an impact on us personally. We thank him for each appointment in which we have been privileged to serve.

Our journey has been an exciting one, with varied appointments including the special ministry of being corps officers, youth leaders, and in the ARC where we saw many lives being changed. In the last 11 years of our officership, we had the joy of serving as divisional leaders in the two greatest divisions in the Army world—Hawaiian and Pacific Islands and Southwest. We are grateful to Army leadership for their confidence in us.

It has been our joy to work together with some of the finest officers, employees and advisory board members as we have strived to make a difference in the communities where we have served.

Our journey has included opportunities to travel the world, sharing in ministry in Africa, Latin America North, Great Britain, Israel, throughout Europe and even Iraq.

We have been a team from day one and have supported each other in individual decisions as well as in the ministries we have had together. We would not have been able to accomplish all that we did without the tremendous support of each other.

We would also publicly commend and thank our children for their dedication and support over the years. Our testimony is that God certainly has blessed us through the years and he has been faithful to all of his promises.

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