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The following appointment changes were recently announced by Secretary for Personnel Major Ralph Hood, on behalf of Territorial Commander Commissioner Bill Luttrell.
Territorial Headquarters: Lt. Colonel Carolyn Peacock—Additional Responsibility: Current Issues Secretary (effective June 30).

Adult Rehabilitation Centers Command: Major John R. Reed—Command Secretary for Program (effective October 1); Major Stephen Owen—Trainee In-Charge and Major Judith Owen—Trainee Director of Special Services, Bakersfield ARC (effective October 1).

Alaska Division: Majors Dallas and Marlo Pedersen—Administrators, Anchorage ARP (effective November 10).

Cascade Division: Captain Richard Pease—Corps Officer, Newport Corps and Lincoln and Tillamook Counties Coordinator, and Captain June Pease—Corps Officer, Newport Corps (effective October 11).

Del Oro Division: Major Candice L. Frizzell—Additional Responsibility: Community Care Ministries Secretary (effective June 30); Captain Colleen R. Riley—Candidates’ Secretary/Corps Cadet Counselor/Camp Ministry and Current Issues Representative (effective June 30); Major Harold B. Stromberg—Divisional Boys Work Director (effective June 30); Major C. Patrick and Captain Kitty Granat—Corps Officers, Oakland Foothill Outpost (effective June 30); Captain Bo Han—Corps Officer, Oakland Korean Corps (effective June 30); Majors James and Peggy Ross—Occupancy Specialists, Santa Rosa Silvercrest Citizens’ Residence (effective June 7).

Golden State Division: Major Shawn Posillico—Additional Responsibilities for Candidates and Officer
Care and Development Secretary (effective Nov. 10); Major Judith E. Smith—Additional Responsibility for Youth Department Programs (effective Nov. 10); Major Evelyn Chavez—Additional Responsibility for San Francisco City Operations (effective Nov. 10); Captain Robert S. Lloyd—Additional Responsibility for Redwood Glen Camp (effective Nov. 10); Captain Eric Lee—Youth Officer, DHQ (effective November 17); Captain Shereen A. Lee—Assistant to the Officer Care and Development Secretary (effective November 17); Captain Claudette C. Espinoza—Program Department Assistant (effective November 10); Major Maria Yepez—Corps Officer, Fresno Temple Corps (effective November 7, post-retirement service).

Southwest Division: Captains Gary J. and Brenda Smith—Corps Officers, Roswell Corps (effective November 10).
Transferring out of territory: Captains Mark and Vicki M. Gilden—To Latin America North Territory as Corps Officers Georgeville, Belize (effective October 17).

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