NW Music School’s search for “The Perfect 10”

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Oscar deLangen from Seattle Temple participated in soloist night at the Northwest Division’s Music School.

The Northwest Division’s Music School’s search for “The Perfect Ten” created some interesting challenges, as students examined how they could develop their faith and enhance their Christian walk.

Two choruses, three bands, a “stomp” percussive outfit, two guitar groups, signing, Christian juggling, energetic “cheer-leading,” dance, worship team, a speechless performance by the mime group, added to music essentials (theory), created a school in which students strove to attain the “Perfect Ten in His Ministry.”

Vancouver’s Tiffany Shrum set the pace for the second consecutive year, as a fine group of junior musicians also emerged. Some outstanding vocal soloists merited a final festival outing, as did the Timberlake Band’s sharing of Ray Steadman-Allen’s, “The Mission.” Divisional Music Director Carl Darby’s theme song, “Take the Tablets”—which the school shared as a finale—contained the words, reminding us of the rationale for Music School: “…take the tablets, and make them your own…Ten Commandments in your life, take them everywhere you go. Live them!”

Supported by an extremely versatile and talented staff drawn from not only the Northwest Division, but also the Cascade Division and the Canada and Bermuda Territory, the school also dedicated the recently renovated swimming pool, with appropriate classical water music and thematic choruses!

Beautiful, harmonious worship, and sound Camp Arnold staff assisted in unlocking potential for ministry: a perfect ten!

Awards – 2003

Slater Band: Mareah Morrow (Tacoma Corps); Beginner Guitar: Brianna Dawson (Puyallup Corps); Percussion: Emily Vesikula (Everett Corps); Camsey Chorus: Jordyn Dargitz (Anacortes Corps); Ball Band: Cameron Erwick (Port Angeles Corps); Inter-mediate Guitar: Gabriela Espinoza (Pasco Temple Corps); Bosanko Chorus: Tiffany Shrum (Vancouver Corps); Leidzen Band: Stacy Davis (Tacoma Corps).

Music Essentials (Theory Award): Andrew Sholin (Bellingham Corps).

Camp Arnold Honor Campers:

(Junior) Female: 3rd Kimberly Thompson (Puyallup), 2nd Teesha Curtis (Wenatchee), 1st Stacy Davis (Tacoma).

(Junior) Male: 3rd Michael Hood (Bellingham), 2nd Oscar de Langen (Seattle Temple), 1st Preston Erwick (Port Angeles).

(Senior) Female: 4th Amanda Wennstig, 3rd Gaabriel Tomko (Vancouver), 2nd Ashley McCaw (Portland Tabernacle), 1st Katelynn Ehrs (Seattle White Center).

(Senior) Male: 3rd John Spain (Tacoma), 2nd Andrew Sholin (Bellingham), 1st Nathan Newcomb (Olympia).

Timberlake Award (Top Music Student): 7th Gaabriel Tomko (Vancouver), 6th Andrew Sholin (Bellingham), 5th Teesha Curtis (Wenatchee), 4th Ashley McCaw (Portland Tabernacle), 3rd Stacy Davis (Tacoma), 2nd Nathan Newcomb (Olympia), 1st Tiffany Shrum (Vancouver).

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