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by Claude Nikondeha – 

In her six strategic priorities for the Western Territory, Commissioner Linda Bond made a strong point regarding the importance of casting a global vision locally. “The internationalism of the Army is affirmed and acknowledged as both a global and local vision,” she said. “Cultural diversity is respected as efforts are made to reach people for Christ.”

One of the immediate efforts made by the administration is the creation and publication of Nuevas Fronteras, by the Western Territory’s New Frontier Publications. A monthly publication in Spanish, it will offer information from the territory in order to foster a greater connection among the entire Spanish-speaking Salvationist community of the West. It will be a Spanish publication written in Spanish, by Spanish-speaking officers and soldiers for our Spanish-speaking population.

The primary goals of Nuevas Fronteras will be to: Inform Spanish-speaking corps about territorial events and ministries; connect the Spanish-speaking soldiers and friends in the territory; share experiences and ideas among Spanish-speaking corps; educate Spanish-speaking corps on different aspects of the Army, including doctrine; cultivate the Spanish-speaking ministries across the territory; and reach out to the Spanish-speaking communities.

“We are committed to the success of Nuevas Fronteras,” said Dr. Bob Docter, editor in chief of New Frontier and Nuevas Fronteras.

The New Frontier staff has shown tremendous support and excitement for this new publication and we want to thank them for making this possible.

This publication will provide a space for our Spanish-speaking readers to share what’s going on in their lives, their communities, their corps and even their countries of origin. The success of Nuevas Fronteras will depend them.

We have waited a long time for this, and my prayer is that we use this newspaper not only to inform and connect ourselves, but also to give glory to God in all things.

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