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Spicer Promoted to Glory

Richard J. Spicer, Del Oro Divisional music director, was recently promoted to Glory as a result of a sudden massive heart attack. Not only his family, but the Concord Corps, the division, and the territory suffer the loss of his passing.

Spicer was born in 1945 in Brighton, England and exposed to Army music from an early age. Just before his marriage to Yvonne Brown he decided to pursue a professional career in music, obtaining degrees from the Birmingham Conservatory of Music as well as the Guildhall School of Music.

He taught widely in schools and colleges and played with several of The Salvation Army’s top brass bands, as well as conducting Songster groups. In 1985 the Spicers moved to New York, where he was divisional music director, and then to California five years later.

While serving as divisional music director, he continued to encourage the formation and growth of new brass and vocal groups. Notably he was responsible for the San Francisco Bay Area Band and “A Capella Plus” singing group.

A noted and gifted composer, Richard provided much original music to the Concord Band’s repertoire. While his music appealed to people of all ages, he had a special affinity for young people.

Richard Spicer will always be remembered for his spiritual depth, his driving energy, his love and concern for Yvonne and his sons, and his delight in brass bands. Messages of condolence may be sent to Yvonne and sons Darren and Stephen in care of Marion Black at the Concord Corps, P.O. Box 6026, Concord, CA 94524.



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