Northwest rolls out “Famous Doughnuts” nationwide

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by Aimee Sheridan – 

Rick Gleichman, Bakery superintendent, and Mike Callender, doughnut line foreperson, oversee production of the Famous Doughnut.

Unprecedented. That’s the word Salvation Army advisory board member Lee Stiles used to describe the national launch of The Salvation Army Famous Doughnut.

“The brand concept went from dream to almost full national distribution in 18 months. That is unprecedented for a new brand to the market,” said Stiles. “Major well-known food conglomerates can do that, but I doubt a brand new to the market ever has.”

Starting February 27, Kroger bakeries in Ohio, Indiana, and South Carolina will be distributing the doughnuts to select stores in Alabama, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, Illinois, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Missouri.

The Salvation Army Famous Doughnut first made its debut on the front lines of World War I when a Salvation Army lassie took the meager rations she had and fried them up in a soldier’s helmet.

The Northwest Division of The Salvation Army launched the doughnut in Pacific Northwest stores just over one year ago and it took off, garnering instant media attention and loyal fans. Then the work began to take the Famous Doughnut to the rest of the nation.

“I guess you could say the product has been in development for 87 years,” Stiles said.

Thanks to visionary leadership in The Salvation Army across the country, strong partnerships with the mix, package, bakery and retail partners, the doughnuts are an opportunity for new visibility and funding for The Salvation Army across the United States. About seven cents for each box of doughnuts sold comes back to the Army to help provide the financial ammunition needed in the battle against homelessness, hopelessness and hunger.

Lt. Colonel Terry Griffin, Northwest divisional commander said, “The Army needed to look at new and innovative ways to fundraise and create visibility, while still staying true to our roots—the Salvation Army Famous Doughnut is exactly that.”

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