Northwest is “True Red, Yellow & Blue”at SAY rallies

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The Northwest Division conducted three SAY (Salvation Army Youth) Rallies, with a total of over 250 participants. The size of the division prompted divisional youth leaders Captains Rob and Amy Reardon to conduct separate rallies. Corps such as Missoula, Montana appreciated driving under two hours to the Kalispell rally, whereas one centrally located rally may have prohibited their attendance.

The theme for the rallies was “True Red, Yellow and Blue.” Captains Reardon and their staff members, Mark Nottle and Erin Dabis, spent the course of each rally teaching about the meaning of the Salvation Army flag. Children enjoyed four hours of games, singing, crafts, lunch and spiritual lessons. The Wenatchee and Kalispell corps responded to the youth department’s advance invitation to make up a new tune for the old “Follow the Flag” lyrics. “It was delightful to see these corps perform their musical creations,” reports Captain Amy Reardon. Many corps also submitted photos of their children posing with an Army flag.

“The highlight for me was when I was teaching about how the fire of the Holy Spirit burns up all trace of sin,” remarks Captain Rob Reardon. “One boy excitedly raised his hand and asked if we could ask Him to do that right at that moment.”

Rallies were graciously hosted by the Anacortes, Kalispell and Yakima Corps.

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