Northwest Division’s Christmas tradition

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Celebrity Bell Ringing Day has a history of success.

by Shanti Hahler – 

For the past few decades, the Northwest Division has been blessed with a successful and ever-growing Celebrity Bell Ringing Day each December. Thanks to Salvation Army supporters and Celebrity Bell Ringing Day leaders, Herb Mead and the Mead family, the annual event brings positive media attention to the tradition of bell ringing and a very significant financial donation each year.

The event takes place from noon to 1 p.m., and during that time more than 20 Salvation Army staff members and volunteers, 50 or so celebrities (including the Ivars Clam and Miss Washington), and countless kettle donors gather outside the downtown Nordstrom store to ring bells, fill kettles and join their spirits in supporting The Salvation Army.

And while local, well-known celebrities such as Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren, or TV news anchors attract a lot of attention from passersby, Herb Mead’s definition still rings true:

“A celebrity to me,” Mead says, “is anyone who puts money in our kettles.”
In 2005, Celebrity Bell Ringing Day raised over $200,000, thanks to the Mead family’s dedication and pledge to match any donation made to the event. While they remain humble about their gift, their support and energy are vital to Celebrity Bell Ringing Day!

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