Northwest Division Goes On Spiritual Journey

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More than 500 Salvationists and friends of the Northwest Division were led on a spiritual journey following in the “Footprints of Faith,” this year’s theme for the divisional Family Bible Camp held at Camp Arnold at Timberlake.

The weekend was led by Lt. Colonels Chris and Janice Buchanan, divisional leaders, and Colonels William and Marion Ratcliffe of the Canada and Bermuda Territory. Captains Edward and Joyce Loomis, national headquarters, provided musical ministry.

Friday evening commenced with bright martial music from a divisional brass ensemble and interpretive dance by a youth group from nearby Puyallup Christian Fellowship. When Ratcliffe’s message was concluded, the mercy seat was engulfed with people seeking an intimate encounter with the Savior.

Activities on Saturday included “Personal Disciplines of Holiness,” led by the Colonels Ratcliffe; “Africa Revisited,” Captain Kelly Pontsler’s personal recount of her experiences in Zaire; “Footprints of Faith,” conducted in Spanish and led by Captain Carlos Gonzzatti; “Church Growth Today,” with Captain Terry Camsey; and a full range of activities for children and youth.

Personal testimonies from Doug Hansen, Pontsler and, via video, Brigadier Joseph Korbel (R), emphasized the healthy habit of day-to-day holiness.

At the Sunday morning holiness meeting, Divisional Candidates’ Secretary Capt. Nancy Davis presented accepted candidates Debra Lively, Aimee Souders, and Don and Cheryl Warriner.

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