NORTHWEST DIVISION Envoy Peggy Guthrie Great Falls, Montana

How do you say the word envoy?


Envoy Peggy Guthrie’s life is truly a tapestry being woven by God! As a military wife and mother of three (Laurie 24, Chip 22 and Matt 8) Peggy has learned to let God lead and be in charge. “He knows the beginning and the end,” says Peggy, “because he IS the Beginning and End.”

Through a novel entitled “Promise of Peace” Peggy read of a single woman officer in The Salvation Army and discovered it was more than simply a social service agency, but rather a church with a message of saving grace in Jesus Christ. The Great Falls, Montana corps became home to the Guthries for the next five years. They went from being the newcomers, to lay leaders and eventually employees desiring to walk with and serve their God in a deeper, full-time ministry.

Once God called specifically and opened the doors, in just three short weeks Envoys Ralph and Peggy Guthrie found themselves in Havre ministering in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and The Salvation Army. The peace and confidence of being in just the right place at the Lord’s leading and design is reason enough for Peggy to trust that God continues to work on the beautiful tapestry of her life in him.

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