North by Northwest

The territorial band ministers in the Northwest Division.

by Ralph E. Pearce –

The Western Territorial Band performs in Seattle, Wash.

The West’s Territorial Band, led by Bandmaster Neil Smith, continued its mission to bring musical and spiritual inspiration to fellow musicians, participating in recent events in the Northwest Division. Gathering on a Thursday evening, the band rehearsed at the Seattle Temple Corps. Along with practicing for the weekend’s music making, they were preparing for their first recording. Watch for a forthcoming Christmas CD.

A capacity crowd greeted the weekend’s first concert at Seattle Temple. The band noted the enthusiastic support of members of the territorial youth band—some of them looking at chairs that hopefully they could fill in the future. David Ferguson (euphonium) and Kevin Larsson (trombone) were the featured soloists. A unique presentation was Norman Bearcroft’s composition, “The King’s Trumpeters,” by the united cornet sections of the territorial band and the Seattle Temple band.

On Saturday the band presented a concert at the Nazarene church in Puyallup, Wash. The fine attendance was evidence of the work being done in Puyallup by Captains Matt and Dianne Madsen. The local audience particularly enjoyed Matt’s trumpet solo, “Joshua swings the battle.” The concert ended with the band’s feature number, Kenneth Downie’s “Purcell Variations,” a major work built around the hymn tune “Westminster Abbey” and written to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Purcell’s death.

On Sunday the band participated in the morning service at Tacoma. The service was designed to demonstrate that classic Salvation Army bands and contemporary forms of worship are not opposed. Major Warren Dabis and members of the band led the congregation in worship; the band featured Eric Ball’s classic “Songs in Exile,” and the band’s executive officer, Major Victor Doughty, brought the devotional message. Doughty also served as compere for the concerts.

Throughout the weekend, Divisional Leaders Lt. Colonels Harold and Joann Brodin and the Northwest divisional staff supported the band.

As the campaign concluded, the band members departed for all points west, reflecting on the fellowship within the band and the enthusiasm being generated wherever it travels.

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