Noah Has Something to Say Today

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Got an Umbrella?

by Major Carolyn Mulch – 

The people were very wicked, with evil thoughts in their hearts. When wickedness is in control, it can be vicious. It ruins happiness, joy, and many worthwhile things given to man by God.

Wickedness in our day is prevalent. It becomes all-consuming if it is allowed to flourish. To keep away from wickedness we need to do things that bring feelings of worth to ourselves and to God. God feels a situation just as we do. We are made in God’s image, and praise and worship of God are important.

At one time, God was sorry he had made man. He decided to remove and destroy mankind, including the creatures of the earth and birds of the air, just to rid the world of wickedness. Only Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord. Noah was an upright man in his time, with a positive and worthwhile outlook, even though surrounded by wickedness. Oh, that we might find favor in the eyes of the Lord!

Let us look at Noah’s life. He was blameless and known among his peers to be a righteous man. He had lived a life separated from the tragedies of the day such as lying, cheating, the use of illegal drugs and alcohol that still plague us today. In spite of this, Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.

God could use a Noah to clean up this old world. We can make the world a better place by not getting involved in corruption, by doing things in a truthful, honest and positive way, without the violence that still consumes the world.

God provided a plan that was to save Noah, if he followed the plan explicitly. That is what we are to do today. God destroyed all the wickedness and established a covenant.

If you find favor with people who are trying to be righteous, they will come to you for help. They need to be preserved as male and female in a new surrounding. Noah did everything just as God commanded him.

Today, God is speaking to us about the use of our churches as arks to preserve life. God’s directions need to be used by our families and extended families to bring our lives into order. The church must be built with care.

We must store food for the Christians in the church. This food includes how to live a Christian life. An uppermost goal is how to have a healthy life with a pure heart. We need to please God, and share what God is calling us to build. Empty churches are not recycling God’s desires and blessings. God wants us to get to know his son and his way of life. The most important thing to do in a church is to meet the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to bring people to the place of God’s protection and salvation, leaving the world of wickedness behind.

The Church must be righteous in our generation so that it is the place to go for help to live an upright life. God wants to do the greatest cleanup that ever has been done. We must be in the protection of the church and Jesus’ love. The church must be revived and used to make Christians who produce the fruits of the spirit. God wants people who can treat other people honestly and with respect.

In the church we can share Christian love. The Lord can clean and wash the world if we let him. He has promised never to destroy the world by flood again. He is using man to clean up his own mess, recycling the resources with which we are blessed, preserving plant and animal life for future generations.

We need to organize our resources of material as well as people. God is calling all those who find favor in the eyes of the Lord to man his church. Only people made righteous by the Lord Jesus Christ need apply, and they must live righteous lives committed to God.

Those persons who don’t respect the past are condemned to repeat past mistakes. We need to find favor in the eyes of the Lord and then to continue to live in his favor.

Do we want to fail God and make him sorry he created man as in the days of Noah? I believe we can clean up this world’s mess under God’s supervision. Prayer is our contact with God.

Let’s do things that are pleasing to God:

Clean up the world around us.

Make the church a safe ark.

Get to know God and his son as rulers of the world.

Make the church measure up to its calling.

Repair discrepancies.

Feed the people spiritually, physically, emotionally.

Make the church God’s storehouse, for every believer’s protection.

If we work to achieve this, we will cause a joyous celebration in Heaven.

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