No longer homeless in Spokane

Five families graduate from program.

Two years ago The Salvation Army’s Transitional Housing Program in Spokane, Wash., first opened its doors to families truly wanting to break the cycle of homelessness. In that time, over one hundred families have been accepted into this rigorous program designed to support families for up to two years while they actively work toward stable employment, finishing school, or permanent housing.

“Our program is designed to rebuild lives by renewing hope,” says Social Services Director Gerriann Armstrong. “Some families would succeed on the encouragement alone that our staff provides.”

Five families will graduate from the program between August and November of this year: two families are purchasing homes, one individual is attending a nursing program at Spokane Community College, another has accepted a teaching position in Oregon, and one couple is getting married.

“Much is expected of our families, but much is given in return,” says Program Manager Dawn Kilmer. Families are required to pay a $650.00 deposit, agree to a 10:00 p.m. curfew, and must be drug and alcohol free throughout their stay. In return, families receive counseling and accountability from an on-site social worker once a week, receive training in basic life skills, and live in a secure, three-bedroom, air conditioned apartment—a nurturing environment for raising a family.

Those interested in volunteering for, or learning more about the Spokane Salvation Army should call Christy Markham at (509) 329-2732 or email

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