NFL – Army Provide Football Clinic

Preston Dennard with children

Way To Go! – Former Rams player Preston Dennard instructs children during the Christian Youth Super Camp, held over the Super Bowl weekend.

By Andrea Holland – 

The South Mountain Community Corps in Phoenix teamed up on Super Bowl weekend with the National Football League Retired Players Alliance (NFLRPA) to conduct a free Christian Youth Super Camp for over 400 young people ages eight through 16. During the all-day camp, over 30 retired professional football players offered their expertise on the fundamentals of football through seven small-group instruction sessions. Topical discussions were held on drugs and violence, the importance of getting an education, and of listening to parents.

Campers received free T-shirts, comic books, personal care products from Dark and Lovely, and a hot dog lunch, compliments of The Salvation Army.

At the close of the day, campers met in the chapel as several of the players shared their personal testimonies of the difference Jesus Christ was making in their lives. The event concluded with prayer.

“This was our first attempt at a football camp with a Christian focus. It certainly was a privilege to be able to pray with these kids,” said Tony Ussery, executive director, NFLRPA.

Players included:

  • Preston Dennard/ Rams
  • George Kennard/Giants
  • Joe Perry/’49ers
  • Ron Washington/Chiefs
  • Jimmy Moore/Baltimore Colts
  • Andrew Givens/Chiefs
  • John Pitts/Bills & Browns
  • Ron Gardin/Baltimore Colts & Dolphins
  • Anthony Bell/Buccaneers
  • Bill Lueke/ Packers
  • Carl Landers, James Chambers, Steve Holden/Browns
  • Bob Wallace/ Bears
  • Chris Williams/Bills
  • Ed Fisher/ Oilers
  • George Flint/Bills
  • Marcus Cotton/Browns
  • Printice McCray/Patriots
  • Eddie Edwards/Bills





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