New suits to outfit Denver ARC

Local faith community donates, raises items for the Army

By Ron McKinney, Captain—

The Denver Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) received a call in mid-September with good news: Pastor Leon Emerson of Now Faith Christian Center explained that Men’s Warehouse had donated 300 new suits to his church, of which he wanted to give 70 to the ARC.

Emerson had worked with The Salvation Army during Hurricane Katrina relief in 2005 and more recently had attended a united prayer time with 19 pastors from the Denver Metro area, after which he witnessed an overview of the Denver ARC program and its needs.

In addition to this gift, House of Worship (Aurora), Grace Baptist (Arvada) and Faith Mountain (Lakewood) agreed to individually hold a clothing and furniture drive Sept. 21-Sept. 30 to benefit the Denver ARC. On Oct. 2, the monthly Lakewood/Arvada ministerial prayer time will be held in the Denver ARC chapel, followed by a tour of the program for the pastors.

Major Erik J. Hoogstad is the Denver ARC administrator.

Shawn McAulty, assistant warehouse manager, Pastor Leon Emerson and a beneficiary load suits on racks. 02: Shawn McAulty, assistant warehouse manager, and a beneficiary bring out the suits from Now Faith Church. Photo by: Ron McKinney.

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