New Bibles in Mesa, Ariz.

Bibles provided for all Sunday School kids.

by Gwyndolyn Jones, Major =

Commissioner Philip Swyers was on hand as Sunday School students received new Bibles [by Pene Mathison].

The Mesa (Ariz.) Citadel Corps congregation recently witnessed 37 children stand before the altar and dedicate new Bibles to God.

It all began one day in early August when the Lord spoke to Marie Scoville about getting Bibles for the children in her Sunday school class. She figured out a way that she and her husband could afford to buy Bibles for her class, but the Lord prompted her to provide Bibles for all children who attended Sunday school at the Mesa corpsabout 40 kids. She presented her challenge to my husband, Brian, and I and asked if there was a way she could earn the money for the Bibles. We suggested that the corps have an aluminum can drive in September to raise the money.

Of the many people who brought in cans from home, one young man, L.J., decided to also collect them from his neighbors. He explained to everyone that his church was using the money raised from the cans to buy Bibles for the children in his Sunday school. L.J. brought in over 10 bags of cans.

A few days after Marie spoke with us, Brian received a call from someone who wanted to remain anonymous, saying that God had sent a vision that all the children in the Sunday school should receive a Bible. I told the caller about Marie’s identical vision and the corps’ plan to raise money for the Bibles and the donor decided to match the amount of money the corps raised.

With the money from the can drive and the anonymous donor the corps raised $650.00, which was exactly the amount need to buy 40 Bibles.

The week the Bibles arrived happened to be the week that Commissioners Philip and Patricia Swyers visited the Mesa Corps; they gladly dedicated the Bibles.

Our tears that day came as the Mesa Corps realized how God had used us all to make this vision a reality and provide the Word of God to the young people of our corps.

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