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The following appointment changes were recently announced by Secretary for Personnel Major Ralph Hood, on behalf of Territorial Commander Commissioner Philip Swyers.

International Appointment:
Majors Darvin and Betty Carpenter—
Commanding Officers, Camberwell Corps,
Melbourne Division, Australia Southern Territory.

Intermountain Division:
Captains Paul D. and Deana L. Belcher—
Corps Officers, Greeley Corps, effective February 13;

Captains Daniel S. and Terrie Renee Wilson—
Corps Officers, West Adams Corps, effective February 13.

Southern California Division:
Major Carol Seiler—
Additional Responsibility: Divisional Social Services Secretary, effective February 9;

Captains Kim, Jong-sun and Chung, In-ok—Corps Officers (Pro-Tem),
Torrance Korean Outpost.

Transferring Out Of Territory:

Envoys Alan and Tonya Carlson—
To Central Territory, effective January 30.

Transferring Into Territory:

Captains Kim, Jong-sun and Chung, In-ok—From Korea Territory, effective February 17.

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