Napa Juniors Renew Vows

Junior Soldiers
SPECIAL CEREMONY–Napa Junior soldiers and their parents at a recent ceremony where the Junior soldiers renewed their vows.

Parents stood in support of their children’s decision to renew their vows during a recent Holiness meeting at the Napa, Calif., corps. Ten Junior soldiers renewed their sacred vows in a special ceremony led by Captains Lanny and Noreen French, corps officers.

The children presented a special musical number which combined boys on timbrels and girls in the newly formed ribbon drill team, trained by Corps Assistant Lt. Claudette Espinoza. A prayer of dedication was offered by YPSM Betty Cullison. Special awards were presented by acting Girl Guard Leader Pat Calcote, to Junior soldiers Sandra Rodriguez, Adam Costillo and Susanna Lopez for outstanding attendance and good behavior.

“Here at the Napa Corps we are very interested in our young people,” said Captain Noreen French, “and do everything we can to stimulate their interest in discovering how God can work in their lives. We constantly encourage them to evaluate where they are in their spiritual walk to make sure that we don’t lose them to outside influences and to help them mature in the Christian faith.”

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