music review “Final release of ‘John Larsson Plays’ debuted”

Two Western musicals included in last volume of series

General John Larsson (Ret.) includes favorites from two musicals born in the West in the fourth and final volume of “John Larsson Plays,” piano arrangements from the Gowans and Larsson musicals.

“Son of Man,” written for the centenary celebrations of the Western Territory, premiered in Los Angeles in June 1983 and was later published by the territory. “Man Mark II” was commissioned for the international youth congress held in Macomb, Ill., in 1985. It was premiered at the congress by a cast from the Western Territory and subsequently published by the territory.

This volume also includes favorites from the musicals “White Rose” and “The Meeting.” The musical authors said these four musicals include some of their best songs, such as “I’ll not turn back,” “They need Christ” and “I want to say yes.”

The four volumes in the series feature a total of 115 songs from the musicals with a 32-page booklet of lyrics by General John Gowans (1934-2012).

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