Moves Announced

Sathers to Personnel,
Bells to D.C. Sierra Del Mar

Lt. Colonels Donald and Esther Sather Lt. Colonels Donald and Esther Sather will take up new positions on February 1, when he will be Field Secretary for Personnel. She will be Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries.

The Sathers were commissioned in 1960 from the School for Officers’ Training in San Francisco. Their wide range of responsibilities include corps, youth secretary, divisional secretary in several areas, and territorial evangelism secretary.

They have been divisional leaders in the Southwest and territorial program secretary in both the Western and Central Territories. Their present assignment is as leaders in the Sierra Del Mar Division.

In addition to varied duties, Lt. Colonel Esther Sather is an accomplished musician, both as a vocal soloist and pianist. They have one son, Mark, and two grandsons.

Majors Donald and Debora Bell will become leaders in the Sierra Del Mar Division beginning February 1.

Major Donald Bell, the grandson of Salvation Army officers, accepted the call to officership after completing law school at Gonzaga University and receiving his license to practice in California.

Major Debora Bell entered the Army through the Guard and Sunbeam program and was commissioned in 1976. In 1979, after their marriage, she joined him at Oxnard, Calif.

Together they have served in the youth department at THQ and in Southern California, as commanders at Long Beach Temple, County Coordinator in San Diego, and on divisional staff in the Southwest Division. They were promoted to major in 1995 and presently serve at National Headquarters as assistant community relations and development secretary and special services officer.

The following appointments have also been announced, effective February 1, 1998:

Captain Linda Manhardt, now Sierra Del Mar Youth and Candidates Secretary, to be National Consultant, Christian Education, National Headquarters.

Captains Edward Loomis and Captain Joyce Loomis, now Mesa, Ariz., corps officers, to be Assistant Secretary and Assistant to the National Secretary, respectively, National Community Relations and Development Department, National Headquarters.

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