Morelocks Complete Active Officership

Morelocks Retire

WELL DONE­Commissioner Doreen Edwards presents certificates to Lt. Colonels Mervyn and Shirley Morelock (R) during their retirement dinner.

Lt. Colonels Mervyn and Shirley Morelock have recently concluded 41 years of active officership, entering the ranks of the honorably retired.

They met at the Training College as members of the Faithful session and were married in 1959 after serving two years as single officers. Together, they served as corps officers in Modesto, San Jose, Sacramento, and as city commanders in Oakland, Calif.

In 1972 came assignments to the Intermountain Division. Some years followed at territorial headquarters as Evangelism and Adult Program Secretary, where (then) Major Shirley Morelock was secretary for Services to Aging and editor of the Idea Kit.

From 1981-86 they were divisional leaders in the Hawaiian Islands, returning for a short time to THQ as Community Relations Secretary and Assistant Home League Secretary. They then served as leaders in the Cascade Division, followed by command of the Southwest Division.

During the past three years, they have traveled thousands of miles conducting Good News Crusades as territorial evangelists and officer counselors.

The Morelocks have led six tours to the Holy Land and have led teams of officers and laymen to do mission service projects in Alaska, India, and Jaluit, The Marshall Islands.

This past year, in addition to their territorial evangelist ministry, they have served as coordinators for the Keeping in Touch “Call to Prayer” emphasis. After retirement, they will continue to serve in this vital effort to encourage a greater commitment to personal prayer and intercession.

The Morelocks have three children: Tad, Lauri, and Mark, and two grandchildren, Terra and Jesse.

Their retirement address will be: 4830 E. Michigan Ave., Scottsdale, AZ 85234.

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