Morelock Identifies Prayer Resources

By Lt. Colonel Mervyn Morelock – 

As a nation, we are faced with the gravest crisis in our more than 200 year history, because we have rejected God and his commandments.

Although written for ancient Israel, in principle, God’s warnings in Deuteronomy 8 and 28 are given to all nations. Judgment has already begun with rapid social disintegration during the past three decades, but far worse awaits us. Unless we believers fully repent, further judgment and ultimate destruction loom dramatically ahead.

Our own beloved nation, which was founded on biblical principles by godly men and women, has officially declared the Creator of the universe as “not wanted” in our schools and other public areas, and given only “equal opportunity” status among the many false gods of the world. God commands us not to worship any other god, “…for the Lord…is a jealous God.” (Exodus 34:14 NIV)

But there is good news! He is also a God of mercy, always preferring mercy to judgment if his people meet his conditions. So the problem is not what the world is doing, but what God’s people are doing, or not doing, that will determine God’s blessing or judgment on our nation. God promises us, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
(2 Chronicles 7:14 NIV)

How to start a prayer “triplet”

Based on Matt. 18:19-20, a prayer triplet is a simple, convenient way to win people to Christ. You link up with two Christians and pray together regularly for the salvation of nine friends or relatives who do not know Jesus personally, and for a country or people group where Jesus is not known.

*Choose two Christian friends or relatives to make your triplet.

*Each choose the names of three people who do not know Jesus as personal Savior and Lord. Choose a country or people group where Jesus’ name is not known or rarely known.

*Agree on a time to meet once a week to pray together. Just 15 minutes in your home, at work or school, or before or after a meeting is all it takes.

*Pray together for the nine people by name to accept Christ as their personal Savior and Lord, including their personal needs and frailties. Also pray for your country or people group.

*As much as possible, as God leads, involve yourself with your three in a friendly way. Triplet members, pray for each other as you seek to do this.

*When your friends become Christians, continue to pray for them, even if your triplet takes on other names to pray for. If possible, incorporate them into your church, Bible study, and/or fellowship.

–Adapted from a Study Guide for Evangelism Praying, © 1996 by Evelyn Christenson.

Resources on prayer

A Time to Pray God’s Way, by Evelyn Christenson, Harvest House Publishers.

VIDEO: “The Incredible Power of Prayer,” a four-part video series. To place your order call toll-free 1-800-447-1070. Also available at your local Christian bookstore.

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