More Than 780 Attend Yakima Doll Show

More than 780 attended the recent 16th Annual Doll Show and Sale, held at the Yakima Salvation Army. It was the biggest sale ever for the corps’ Guard and Sunbeam troops, enabling both troops to reach their goals of $300 each for World Services.

“We were pleased with the response to this event by the community,” said corps officers Majors David and Deanna Sholin. The monies raised beyond World Services goals will benefit camp scholarships and troop operating expenses.

Customers began arriving before the 9 a.m. opening, trying to be the first to enjoy the best buys of dolls, doll clothing and furniture, teddy bears, dishes, books and collectibles. This year, one of the dealers featured Beanie Babies, and customers as far away as Seattle drove over to purchase them.

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