More moves announced

Starretts to National Headquarters

Lt. Colonels Daniel L. and Helen Starrett, currently serving at International Headquarters, are appointed to National Headquarters as Secretary for SAWSO Designate and National Consultant on Adult Ministries Designate effective October 1, 2005.
Their actual appointments as Secretary for SAWSO and National Consultant on Adult Ministries will be effective January 1, 2006.

Kelly Pontsler to Paris

Major Kelly Pontsler, now undersecretary for Southern Europe, IHQ, has been appointed team leader-Hope Action, Paris; national coordinator-Hope Action; and Poland Support Team member.
Her responsibilities will include working with corps to develop new evangelic community centers in the Paris area; promoting and developing the existing evangelic social and community centers and developing new ones, in all of France; and involvement with the general affairs of the development of The Salvation Army in Poland, with the main focus on the business management.

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